Emergence Convergence at the Maia Eco-village – Palawan, Philippines

Ecstatic dance. Inner dance. Game of life. Blurring reality and play. Singing by the fireplace. Simple pleasures. Cold baths. I am you and you are me. Deep appreciation for life. Resonance. Holding space. Feeling child-like. Constant learning. Seeing another way to live. Shared experience. Stories. Healing arts. Reiki. Sound healing. Singing. Arts. Dream catchers. Long walks. Different ages and cultures melding together. Comfort and connection. Purging. Trusting in the process.

What happens when you strip away modern comforts? Take away electricity, running water, technology, infrastructures and efficiencies we’re used to on a daily basis. How would you start to feel if your usual diet of meat, processed and sugary food are switched with mostly raw fruits and vegetables? Raw and wild nature all around me. Flies, insects, lush foliage and winding hills and mountains circling you at every moment.

This is how our ancestors and tribes used to live. The connection to the earth was intrinsically weaved together. There was no separation. You reap what you sow. By caring for the land, it reciprocates back towards you. All you can hear is nature breathing in and out. Ecosystems of plants, animals and other energies melding together along with humans in Divine union.

I came into Maia Ecovillage with expectations and a lot reluctance. I had been here before twice the past few years and both instances provoked me tremendously. My immediate response was to run away as fast as I could. I felt the the corners of my comfort zone being attacked from all sides. I was squirmish and unsettled. But that all changed in an instant.

Maia isn’t just a place though. It’s an essence, a state of mind, a vibration that links every person that sets foot inside it. Everything is heightened and magnified. When you wake up in the morning, you hear the birds and insects waking up the same time as you. You smell the plants gently nudging you as the rays of the sun flutter through your eyelids. Walking barefoot on the earth, you feel every step. Pebbles, soil, grass and sand underneath the soles of your feet. You’re greeted by kindred spirits from all around the world. People transitioning from the corporate world to pursue new paths, healers, permaculturists, nomadic travelers and artists all converging together.

I remember watching the stars and constellations at night, feeling the cool air in the evening. Nostalgia whispers as I remember sharing meals together and hitching a ride with a local family on their makeshift tricycle to get to the beach in Nagtabon. There was so much delight in taking cold baths in the middle of jungle, pumping water into a large buckets, hearing all of nature sing in harmony. I would lose myself in soulful conversations and dialogue. It felt like I was transported back to my eleven year old self, reliving my summer camp days in Denmark.

It’s been almost a month since the convergence and I can’t help but feel deep shifts still slowly unraveling inside. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I know there’s no point trying to understand it. From moment to moment, it reveals itself and all there is to do is to trust completely.

Words and photo by Nicky Daez

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